Tuesday, August 08, 2006


SQL Ink is a blog about databases and databases is what I shall blog about... sounds a little silly, but sounds very dramatic when said in a Shakespeare-like tone.

I've had an OCP for Oracle database administration and an OCA for Oracle PL/SQL development but haven't used Oracle ever since I got certified so here I am, rediscovering my certification roots. I'm also venturing into the use of MS SQL Server.

Being a trainee DBA is ultra cool since we get plenty of time to catch up with reading. However, we don't always have access to databases - I have access to MS SQL Server 2005 on my workstation at work, and access to Oracle 9i on my (old) notebook PC at home. Either way, I think I ought to dedicate more time and that's when I thought a blog would help me concentrate on getting things right and as a kind of a database administrator's journal.

That's what is blog is all about; it will probably evolve into something else, but nothing forseeable right now. Until my next blog, I'd like to wish everyone a happy blogging experience and a good bright shiny nice day.

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